Gerald R. Davis Ltd - Badges, Shadow Boxes, Etc. This link will take you to a very old (10+ years) flyer. It does not include all of his current products and current pricing. He does not have a current flyer for USPIS items.
Note: we have just learned that Retired Postal Police Officer badges are now available from They are available for all ranks up to colonel. Please call 401-766-8760 for details. - Clothing with or without embroidered NARPI logo. After creating an account or logging in, enter NARPI in the search block. Call 1-800-847-4478 and ask for logo Number 12348612 be linked to your account.

Dan Milhalko Gallery - showcases the original artwork of Daniel L. Mihalko, a retired US Postal Inspector. He is a NARPI member
Howard K. Petschel - author of five books, mostly on stamp counterfeiting. His books are available on His most recent book, Robbing the Post Office (1-19-2017), The Rondout Train Robbery (11-3-2014); More Stamp Counterfeiting (3-20-2014); Stamp Counterfeighting (8-10-2011). He is a NARPI member.

Gary Claytor - author of A Day in the Life, A Literary Journal of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The book was written under his pen name of Grady Franklin. His book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions. He is a NARPI Member.

The Post Office Inspection Service Survey from March 2, 1942.
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Interested in a "Retired Postal Inspector" cap with badge?
History of the Work Reporting Numbers in the Postal Inspection Service.