Get A New Password

1. Enter your Username
2. Click Submit.
3. Note the timestamp on the screen.

DO NOT double click the Submit button.

Before you request a new password, check your email Address Book for an entry for NARPI. If it is not there, add it. The email address for NARPI should be The purpose of this is to avoid problems with spam filters that block messages from unknown sources. Including identifies NARPI to your system as an approved sender. Without it you may not receive the password email. 

If the password email does not arrive, check the SPAM and JUNK MAIL folders on your computer. If you find the password email there, drag it back to your Inbox. That should fix the problem, but....

The password emails are sent as HTML messages and should be viewed as such. Viewing them as plain text messages will require some interpetation on your part and will require that you use "Copy and Paste" to enter the password. The plain text is too small to accurately interpret the characters in the password. Some help with "Copy and Paste" can be found on The Computer Corner page.

After you login, we recommend changing your password to something that is easier to remember AND easier to enter.   The "Change Your Password" menu option is near the bottom of the menu. All you need to do is enter your NEW password two times and then click the Submit button. . If the two passwords are identical, the password is changed. The only requirement for passwords is they must be at least six characters long. Yes, they can be the same as a previous password.