The purpose of this page is to afford second-career NARPI members a chance to tout their current ventures (for-profit or non-profit) to their fellow retirees. Note, however, Manufacturers' Representative ads (Amway, Avon, Nu-Skin, Mary Kay, etc.) fall outside the intent of this project and will not be accepted.

Space limitations require that coverage be brief and to the point. Each ad will therefore be limited to a 1½" X 3" text window. The Website Coordinator will abbreviate any and all submissions as necessary to achieve that size. That said, it has been observed that, due to a quirk in the software and/or internet forces, some text placements appear to be unbalanced even though they were well positioned when uploaded to our website. Presently, we have no control over that phenomenon.

Proposed Yellow Pages submissions should be E-mailed to Submissions need not be formatted before being transmitted; to the maximum extent possible, the Website Coordinator will format each in accordance with the submitter's wishes. Prospective advertisers are encouraged to include their personal E-mail address along with the URL of any Website directly related to their venture.

In the event the volume of ads warrants, we will separate the ads according to category, ( legal/investigative, recreational, non-profit/community service, etc.) to facilitate searches.