Download a FREE copy of Adobe Reader. Many documents are distributed over internet in Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF files retain the formatting of the original document better than HTML. The reader program allows you to view and print the PDF files. This FREE program will not allow you to create PDF files. Adobe sells programs that will allow you to create PDF files. A FREE program (PDF995) to create PDF files can be found below.

Download a FREE copy of PDF995. This program will allow you to easily create PDF files. After a simple installation, you create the PDF file by selecting the PDF printer driver while “printing” the document. Instead of printing the file, it creates the PDF file. My experience with this program indicates that the PDF file is significantly smaller than a MS Word file of the same document. There are a number of other FREE programs that will create PDF files. I recommend this program and you should consider downloading it.

Download a FREE copy of PrintKey2000. This program uses the PrtScn key as the name implies. You can Print/Copy/Save all or part of the screen image. (now downloads directly from I recommend this program and you should consider downloading it.

Click here to download a Presidential Memorial Certificate Request Form. This is intended for someone that is deceased and served in the military.

NARPI Certificate of Recognition, Appreciation and Sympathy. You can modify this ceritificate for use as a Certificate of Recognition, Appreciation and Sympathy. It requires MS PowerPoint to open or modify the contents. Access is restricted to those that have previously logged in to NARPI from their current IP address.

Download a FREE copy of UltraFileSearch. While the Windows file search program is fast, it rarely (for me) finds the desired file. This program allows wildcards (*) and will find the requested file fast. It will install an icon on your desktop for easy access.

Download a FREE copy of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. This program has been available for years and has gained wide acceptance. Updates are made frequently it keep up with new viruses.

Download a FREE copy of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003. This program is a read-only version of the PowerPoint program included in Microsoft Office 2003. You cannot create your own presentations with the free version. Estimated download time @ 56k = 5 min.

Download a FREE copy of’s suite of programs. OpenOffice is a free public domain suite of programs that are able to create and read files that are compatible with the Microsoft Office. For those with dialup connections, you can order the programs on CD from for under $12.44 including shipping.

Report of the President's Commission on the United States Postal Service. The information on document pages 98-101 (Adobe Reader pages 124-127) are probably of the most interest to NARPI members. They deal with the Inspection Service and the OIG. File size: 2.13MB

Speech given by PMG, at the Secretary of State Convention on July 17, 2007, favorable to the Inspection Service. Requires Adobe Reader to view the file. File size: 28K.