Updated 3-14-2020

Atlantic Region Officers
Jack Ellis, President
JD Stevens, Vice President
John Cunning, Secretary
John Swanson, Treasurer
Atlantic Region Chapters
John Fuccillo, President
Kathy McDonough, Secretary
CAPITAL CHAPTER - quarterly luncheons
Mike Flynn, President
Vanessa Pinto, Vice President
John Swanson, Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Faith, Interim Coordinator (seeking interested members for new chapter)
GEORGIA CHAPTER  -  quarterly luncheons
Robbie Johnson, President
Cornell Cypress, Vice President
Fran Cunning, Secretary
John Cunning, Treasurer
GOLD COAST CHAPTER  -  meets on 2nd Sat. of March, May, Oct. and Dec.
Jay Siegel, President
Jeff Bush, Vice President
Marquita Ward, Secretary
Jim Belz, Treasurer
NEW JERSEY STATE CHAPTER (Frequency of meetings not yet fixed)
Tom Modafferi, President
Joanne Dundon, Vice President
Jim Donnelly, Treasurer
Larry Presta, Secretary
NY METRO TRI-STATE CHAPTER (Frequency of meetings not yet fixed)
Robert Mignogna, President
Stephen Korinko, Vice President
Ralph Nardo, Secretary
    Edwin Cuebas, Treasurer
John Rooney - President
Vacant - Vice President
Charlie Mendell - Reporter
SUN COAST CHAPTER  -  quarterly luncheons
 Currently not Active
Mid-America Region Officers
Corne Huelsebusch, President        
Steven Caver, Vice President         
Tom Kellen, Sec'y/Treas.
Mid-America Region Chapters
CHOO-CHOO CHAPTER  -  quarterly meetings
Steve Cheuvront, President
Mike Philbrick, Secretary
HEART OF AMERICA CHAPTER  - meets on the third Friday of the even numbered months
Rich Britain, President
Deborah Britain, Vice President
Richard Britain, Secretary
Joan Long, Treasurer
MEMPHIS CHAPTER bi-monthly luncheons Updated 1-21-2019
    Dick Klenz, President
James Knight, Vice President
Carolyn Ann Denton, Secretary/Treasurer
NORTHCOAST CHAPTER  -  Cleveland, OH area
Bill Bengele, President
Rick Ruhland , Secretary.
NORTHERN LIGHTS CHAPTER - quarterly meetings
Chuck Calhoun, President
Lorrin Gullberg, Secretary/Treasurer
PROCRASTINATION CHAPTER - Mich. meets when it can't be put off any longer
Robert Lane, President
Jaqueline Poindexter, Vice President
Doug Mills, Secretary
ST. LOUIS GATEWAY CHAPTER - bi-monthly meetings
Corne Huelsebusch, President
Ray Bonney, Secretary
Joe Sinibaldi, Treasurer
SAM HOUSTON CHAPTER - meetings are quarterly  
Richard (Dick) Carlson, President
Rich LaBoda, Vice President
William Gillespie, Secretary
Harry Breda, Treasurer
SOIKY CHAPTER - Cincinnati, Southern OH, IN & KY - ad hoc mtgs.  
Larry Lockwood, President
Vacant, Vice President
TEXAS CHAPTER  - meetings 2nd Wednesday in January, April, July & October  
Steven Caver, President
Jim Mathine, Vice President
Rick Price, Secretary
Al Holmes, Treasurer
WINDY CITY CHAPTER - meets several times a year  
Jeff Sack, President
John Ruberti, Vice President
Michael Schwartz, Secretary
Howard Matthews, Treasurer
WURST CHAPTER - Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin - quarterly meetings  
Bob Bauman, President
Robert Baumann, Vice President
Bob Bauman, Secretary/Treasurer
Western Region Officers Updated 1-28-2019
Steve Schneringer, President
Ron Miller, Vice President
Steve Schneringer, Secretary
Doug Nunes, Treasurer
Western Region Chapters  
CACTUS CHAPTER - luncheon mtgs. 3rd Fri. of even mos  
Mike Casadei, President
Vacant, Vice President
John Zembledge, Secretary/Treasurer
COLORADO CHAPTER - bi-monthly mtgs.  
Doug Nunes, President/Secretary
Linden Davis, Vice President
LO-CAL CHAPTER  - even numbered months luncheon mtgs. on 2nd Wednesday.  
Cory Dudley, President
Bill Davis, Vice President
Tom Buggie, Secretary/Treasurer
NORCAL CHAPTER - meetings on 1st Thurs. of even #mos.  
Paul Wilhelmus, President and Secretary
Gladys Giron, Vice President
Bob Dower, Treasurer
Bill Kienzle, Secretary
NORWEST CHAPTER - quarterly luncheons.  
Steve Schneringer, President
Jim Foster, Vice President