Galvestion TX
February 18th to February 25, 2018

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Comments from others: 

Linda and I have been on the Salsa, Salsa, Margaritas excursion on Cozumel four times. It is 4 and one half hours long and is $99 a person. They transport you to a hotel close to the docks and you spend about three hours learning how to make several types of salsa, including a dessert salsa, and guacamole. The whole time they are serving margaritas, virgin margaritas or bottles of water to everyone. Then they spend about 30 minutes teaching everyone to salsa dance. The last hour or so you can swim in the hotel pool or go across the street and swim in the ocean, or go back to the ship.

Please send this to everyone from our group. It would be a great time to have a group of us there.

Thanks, Mike Hesse

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