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APRIL 2020
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Welcome To Our Website
The National Association of Retired Postal Inspectors (NARPI) was founded in 1967 for the purpose of providing retired Postal Inspectors, their spouses, and other designated retired Postal Inspection Service employees and spouses a vehicle for social fellowship and recreational activities in their retirement years.

Presently, NARPI is organized into three regions: Atlantic, Western and Mid-America. To facilitate regular gatherings, each region is comprised of several chapters. For a listing of those chapters as well as the current regional and chapter officers within a particular region, click on the Region/Chapter Officers button in the adjacent menu bar.

Regional and chapter officers who are accessible via E-mail may be contacted by clicking on their name. The names of the national officers shown below are also Email hyperlinks.

The particulars of upcoming regional and chapter meetings are also posted at this Website and can be accessed by clicking on the Region/Chapter News button. A National News page containing items deemed to be of interest to the membership at large is also available, again, via the adjacent menu bar.

As you will note, our Website also includes a NARPI Reunions and Special Announcements page as well as a Website Resources page which gives access to a Useful Links page, a Food For Thought page, a Dollars and Sense page and a unique Yellow Pages section containing the business cards of those NARPI members who wish to publicize their post-retirement endeavors, whether for-profit or non-profit.
National Officers/Executive Board
President, Rick Price Vice President, Roy Geffen
Treasurer, Heidi Demuro Secretary, John G. Comber
Atlantc Region President, Jack Ellis Mid-America Region President, Corne F. Huelsebusch
Western Region President, Steve Schneringer Immediate Past President, R. Douglas Nunes
Standing Committees
National Electronic Communications Coordinator, Tom Buggie
 Auditing Committee  Constitution Committee  Nominating Committee
Joe Sinibaldi, Chair Steve Caver, Chair John Cunning, Chair
Joe Harkins Kathy Paramore Mike Hesse
Bea Moore John Swanson Steve Schneringer